Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Brown/Green Stuff Sandbags Tutorial

Capt is coming along nicely!

As part of the Avenger's initiative I wanted to do as much modeling as I could.  Here is my first attempt at making brown/green stuff sandbags.  I was really surprised at how easy this was and how fast it went and I'm very happy with the final product.

Make sure that you use lots of water on your hands or any tools that are going to be touching the brown stuff.  Also make sure that you have mixed the putties together well and that there are no streaks of one colour or another.

 First roll the brown stuff into a long log.  For 15mm like Flames of War you will want to make this fairly small in diameter.  Mine was a little less than a cm.

 Next you take your exacto knife and cut the very end off

 Then ensuring that you cut in the same line cut again roughly another cm.

 Then you can use mesh or anything to give the sandbag some texture and then glue it onto the model wherever you want it.  Here is a US tank destroyer with more armour.

 Here are the Shermans from the Avenger's Initative (paratroopers in the background almost ready to be primed)

 Here are the Tank Destroyers (with more paratroopers and 105mm guns ready to be primed)

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  1. Very cool dude. I like the simplicity of the technique while still being able get a great look. Really like how it looks on the tanks. Force should look pretty sweet when you are done.