Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sandbags a Tanks best friend?

Patton and an Easy 8!

I started doing some more research into how the sand bags looked on the Sherman tanks and it looks like the ones I've made a little big.  So now I need to figure out if I'm going to strip them all off or if I going to use them anyways.  I'm leaning towards using them in there current state as they look good and like much of the detail done by BF models the details are enlarged so you can see them on the table top without having to be right on top of them.  I figured that there would be a bunc of people that would like to see the various reference pictures that I foun so here they are.

Easy 8

Easy 8 in Korea

I believe a M48 Patton in Korea, take a look at the use of sandbags there!

Easy 8

Bog Check, shmog check!


  1. I have often pondered how much real effect the sandbags would have on stopping an incoming round, or was more a psychological comfort to the crews...?

  2. Well I guess anything that triggers the round to go off early (even by a millisecond) increases the chance that the actual hull armor can withstand it. If nothing else, your infantry have a ready supply of pre-filled sandbags for your forward post once the tanks show up!