Monday, May 27, 2013

Operation Cobra!

Operation Cobra the breakout of Normandy as seen through the eyes of the US Army.  Some awesome footage of the bocage that the Allies had to fight through and the Germans defended.  There is some great points of Strategic weapons being used at the Tactical level, such as the V1 and V2 rockets and heavy bombers.  Some amazing footage of Tigers, 88's and Panzersherks in action.  Lots of Shermans, Tank destroyers and guns of all type firing.  This video would make a great sound track to a game with all the combat noise.  Take a look at 21:42 I'm almost positive that's a Grant, but I didn't think there were any in Europe.  I think however made the video like the M8 Scott because you see a fair amount of them.  There is a great shot at 22:30ish of a Stuart smashing through some small trees.  Near the end of the video check out the land mattress and the Crocodile firing, truly something to be scared of!


  1. Maybe the footage of the grant is really from Italy or something, and the guy who stitched the movie didnt know? I mean, they didnt even give the Free French any Grants for Normandy, so you know the US didnt have any!!!

  2. That would make some sense but this was a US Army film meant to help preserve the history of the operation. Perhaps they did have some, it looks like the Grant was shooting the top floor of the building.