Saturday, August 3, 2013

US Paras vs Hungarian Infantry in Counterattack

Their everywhere man.....

Game 4 of the LW Nationals event in Fredericksberg was against Leo and his Hungarian Infantry.  He had 2 big infantry platoons with a pioneer platoon.  3 of the break through assault guns, a platoon of 3 PaK 40s, an HMG platoon, some light recce tanks, some light AA gunes and a battery of heavy guns supported by sporadic air.  You can see some great shots at Battlefronts own website here.   My 1780 pts were spent on 2 Para platoons, MG platoon, Shermans platoon, Cav Recce, 3 x 105mm guns and 2 x M18s supported by Limited air support from P-47s.

Set Up
Objectives are in the corn field and the destroyed Tiger at the south end of the town

Turn 1
The Lufftewaffe lung for the juice target of troopers in the open but the USAAF lights them up

Shermans and Troopers double down the roads to get into position

Sneaky Hungarian Recce move to cut off US reinforcements

Turn 2
The Hungarians advance in mass towards the main body of the US force, this causes Cap to rethink where he sent all his tanks (quickly he recalls Black Panther and Ironman)

Turn 3-4
The 105mms are right on target and gut the Pioneers forcing them to flee.  The Incredible Hulk and Thor take out all but one PaK 40 only to then have it lay Thor low before fleeing the table.  The assault guns and remaining Shermans begin to duel with the infantry on both sides holding in the low ground until a winner in the tank battle is determined

The Hungarian guns take out a 105mm

Turn 5


Turn 6
The Hungarians make a bold move attempting to assault both US Para platoons, only to be held at bay by the storm of defensive fire

Turn 7
The Hungarian infantry is left swinging in the breeze when they fail to unpin.  The Shermans knock out an assault gun and prepare to take apart the remainder of the Hungarian armour

At this point we ran out of time.  Leo was the first person that had just come knuckles bared at me in this mission.  I had no idea what to do and figured I was sunk by turn 2 or 3.  It really was a couple of turns near the end when his infantry wouldn't unpin despite the OC being there that saved my bacon.  The game ended 6-1 for me but make no mistake given a few more turns it could have easily gone the other way.

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