Sunday, August 4, 2013

US Paras vs JagdTigers in Fighting Withdrawal near St-Lo

Shermans draw a bead on a JagdTiger

In celebration of the final day of the Overlord campaign Dan and I got a game in.  Unfortunately it wasn't from the new books but from Nuts with 1780 pts of my US Paratroopers going against his JagdTiger Company.  But that didn't stop us playing a game for St-Lo where the Red Skull was using some of his Hydra weapons against the Yanks!  We wanted something that was like the counter attacking Germans trying to push through the Airborne who were attempting to hold them up.  We rolled Fighting Withdrawal which I think worked perfectly.  I had my list with Cap 2 x Paratrooper platoons, 1 x MG platoon, Shermans Cav Recon, 2 x M18s and 3 x 105mm with P-47 support.  Dan was running with 3 x JadgTigers, 2 x assault rifle faust platoons, 4 x 10.5cm guns and2 x self-propelled AA guns.

Set Up
 Objectives are at the intersection, in the Bocage and in the distant left by the woods

 Cav Recon keeping an eye out for skull

 105mm in the Bocage near the objective

 Tank destroyers near St-Lo

 Paratroopers and Bucky holding one objective

 JagdTiger looms over the German infantry

 All the Germans are ready to advance

Turn 1
 The JagdTiger and 10.5cm guns open fire on the roof of the far house knocking out a paratrooper stand

 Cav Recon moves to the flank and knocks out a stand of infantry

 Tank Destroyers sneak through St-Lo

 Paratroopers move out from the woods

Turn 2
 Cav Recon moves to engage the self-propelled AA but only bail the one

 Avenger isn't able to make it past even the one flak tank

Turn 3
 Tank Destroyers attempt to move through the town to turn the corner on the JagdTigers

 Lone tank destroyer jeeps tries to gun down the German platoon commander

 Paras double forward in the dead ground

 German infantry and their JagdTiger advance in the face of the Cav Recon, only to have the Recon strategically withdraw

Turn 4
 German infantry open fire on the security section knocking out the jeep and bailing an M20

 Shermans spring from ambush!

 So do the M18s

 But none of the shots find their mark on the big German cats

 Paratroopers reach St-Lo just in time to pull back to the next position

 Big cats move up to limit the ability of air power to strike

Turn 5
 JagdTiger and Infantry advance to assault the paratroopers.  They fail to pin the platoon  and then when the JagdTiger assaults, HULK...

... SMASH!

 Shemans reposition to engage the AA guns and HULK...


 Remaining JagdTigers return fire on the Shermans getting one hit and the HULK shrugs off the shot (AT 17!!!!)

Turn 6
 Shermans destroy the other AA gun and bail both JagdTigers

Avenger swoops in and takes out a single gun but not before the guns firing over open sights take out the 2 x M18s

At this point Dan called it as there wasn't anything that was going to be able to get to the objective.  The MGs managed to gut and destroy the infantry.  With the loss of the M18s the final score was 5-2 for the allies.


  1. Really really nice looking table you have there. Are the buildings from Battlefront?

    Love the final image with the Thunderbolt zooming over the burning flak!

  2. @ Mad, yes they are all Battlefront models that were part of the housing subscription. I'm glad you like the pictures, I'm trying to make them more dynamic and interesting.