Saturday, August 3, 2013

82nd Airborne vs 101st Airborne in Cauldron

Smoking Shermans as far as the eye can see

Game 2 was against Henry who was running 101st Airborne.  His LW Nationals list was 2 Para platoons, 6 x 105mm, 3 x 105mm, 2 platoons of guards Shermans with 2 fireflies and 4 armoured recon jeeps.  I had 2 full para platoons, para MG platoon, Sherman platoon, 105mm platoon, Cav Recon and M18s.  The mission was Cauldron and Henry was going to have the difficult task of digging me out.

Set Up
82nd dug in the trees with TDs protecting the flank

101st 105mm  on one flank

82nd in firm control of the objectives

Turn 1
TDs open fire destroying a tank and bailing another

Avenger swoops in missing the large 105mm platoon

Turn 2
Avenger swoops in missing with his bombs.  The return fire from the Shermans wipes out the M18s

Turn 3
Another platoon of Shermans arrive to support the 101st only to have two of their number knocked out by Avenger

Paratroopers from the 101st double forward under the cover of the trees

Brit Shermans attempt to get a line on the 82nd

Turn 4
Avenger strikes again knocking out another Sherman

The 82nd Shermans arrive opening fire and assaulting the large 105mm platoon

101st Paratroopers and Recce advance on the 82nd in the woods

Turn 5
Avenger continues to hammer away on the Shermans who are now supported by 101st Paratroopers

Turn 6 - 8
101st continues to push but their small arms fire and two remaining tanks is ineffective

82nd Shermans wipe out the 105mm battery and start taking long range shots on the Brit Shermans

101st prep for the assault supported by Recce jeeps

The 82nd is pinned but the defensive fire wipes out the 101st and the assault from the Recce kills several stands of 82nd troopers

Turn 9
The Bazookas and MGs finally open up on the Recce jeeps taking them out.  The Shermans knock out another Brit Sherman destroying the remaining platoon.

At this point Henry had 4 platoons destroyed platoons and two platoons on the table.  Despite being Fearless Veterans the Company broke and the game ended 5-2 for me.  Henry was a great opponent and the mission really didn't help him being the attacker.  I would have had a terrible time trying to dig him out if the situation was reversed. 

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