Friday, July 22, 2016

Panzer Pioneers vs Canadian Infantry in Breakthrough

Panthers annihilate flanking Shermans

Stormtrooper Nick put on a tournament at Gamezilla Fredericton, it was a 1850 MW tournament. In homage to Op HUSKY the Allied landings in Sicily, the tournament was called Op HUSKY. This was a warm up event for me in preparation for the NATC 2016. Although not playing the exact same army I made it as close as I could. My first game was against Brandon and his Canadian Infantry, straight out of Italy. I was playing my German Panzer Pioneers supported by Panthers and the first mission was Breakthrough.

Big Willie's Pioneers
OC and 2IC
Full armored pioneers
Full trucked pioneers with supply cart
Weapons pl with 2 x MG42 and Mortars
2 x Panthers
4 x Marders
2 x SP AA guns

Brandon's Canadians
OC and 2IC
Full infantry platoon
Full infantry platoon
Commando platoon
4 x HMGs
4 x Mortars
8 x 25 pdrs
2 x 17/25 pdrs
3 x Shermans
3 x Universal carriers
Hurricane support

Set Up
Objectives are by the farm house far right and by the woods middle back

17/25 pdrs, infantry and HMGs guarding an objective

German Pioneers manage to lay wire in front of the Canadians

Germans ready to advance towards the undefended objective en-mass

Mortars ready to duel with the Canadian Artillery

Turns 1 - 3
Pioneers move up and lay an assault bridge where the remainder of half tracks cross. Once they have crossed they take up position behind the low wall to defend the objective.

The 25 pdrs attempt to find a target especially since the mortars are slowing knocking out gun crews

Shermans arrive from reserves and gamble on being able to take out Panthers from the side... the gamble fails and two go up in smoke

Turn 4 - 6
"Jacques can you see anything?"

"Shut Up Carl..."

The Germans dig in around the objective supported by their half tracks

The Panthers hunt down and destroy the remaining Sherman

The Commandos who attempted to cross the wire are completely wiped out

MG42s sighted along the wire continue to gun down anyone who attempts to cross

The game ended on turn 6 in a 6-1 win with me holding the objective with multiple platoons and having taken very light casualties. Brandon was a great opponent and I noticed that he left a fairly big gap in his defences that would allow me to seize the other objective. The Pioneer truck allowing me to place wire in no mans land also played a large role in throwing off Brandon's plans.

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