Monday, July 18, 2016

German Armoured Pioneers vs British Armoured Cars in Pincer

Iconic German Panthers vs British Artillery in the snow

My fifth game of the NATC 2016 (MW 1650) was against Roger and his beautifully painted British Armoured Car squadron. The mission was Pincer which meant I was going to be attacking veteran British Guns who were dug in and hidden in the many woods Also, it was on a snow board where everything was going to be moving a slow going speed.  Good thing is it would slow down Roger's cars more than my infantry.

Big Willie's Pioneers
OC and 2IC
Full Armoured Pioneers
Half Trucked Pioneers
Armoured Mortars
4 x 7.62 Marders
2 x 8-Rads
2 x 2cm SP AA trucks
2 x Panthers

Rogers Armoured Cars
OC and 2IC in Humbers
Recce ptl light
Recce ptl light
Recce ptl heavy
Recce  ptl heavy
3 x Shermans
4 x 6 pdrs AT guns
8 x 25 pdrs with observers and battery commander in Stuarts

Set Up
Objectives are in the woods far right and in the woods back right by the building

6 pdrs dug in, OC and 2IC with an observer protecting one objective

25 pdrs dug in around the other objective

Marders and the trucked pioneers ready to advance

Half tracks ready to use the road while Panthers advance on the left flank

Turn 1
Marders and pioneers advance behind a hill while the remaining pioneers decide to walk vs driving down the well covered road

Panthers advance on the left without issue

Turn 2
Panthers continue to advance supported by infantry advancing through the woods

A mortar half track is in the open and hit by 6 pdr fire while 8-Rads break contact

Pioneers move into an abandoned house as they advance

Turn 3
Pioneers advance through the woods and take out one of the observers, losing a stand to defensive fire

Flame throwers get closer to the 6 pdrs

Turn 4
Pioneers continue to edge closer

The Marders and pioneers advance on the right flank at the same time

The 25 pdrs smoke off the Panthers to avoid taking full rate of fire

Turn 5
Panthers move up and attempt to hit the 25 pdrs with no luck

The Pioneers move closer to the 6 pdrs on two sides

The first Armoured Car reserves arrive and take out a stand of pioneers

Turn 6
The pioneers launch their attack on the 6 pdrs, taking out the platoon, OC and 2IC!

Armoured cars attempt to get flank shots on the Marders

The combined fire take out 3 Marders but the platoon stays

Turn 7
Panthers try again to take out the 25 pdrs

The German mortars drop smoke to help the Marders break contact

The timely arrival of British reserves has reinforced the objective at a critical point

Turn 8
The Shermans search for new targets but fail to hit the 8-Rads

The Panthers begin to move around the dug in guns in an attempt to engage the Shermans

25 pdrs prepare to fire over open sights at the 8-Rads

Turn 9
The fighting in the forest gets bloody as the pioneers and Panthers attempt to take out the Shermans but only bail one

More Armoured Cars arrive from reserves and begin playing cat and mouse with the 8-Rads

Turn 10
Panthers continue to move to not expose their flank armour to the seasoned British troops

Turn 11
Panthers are unable to destroy the Shermans while the Armoured Cars bail an 8-Rad

Turn 12
The British continue to pull back in the face of the Panthers but they are successful in stopping the Germans!

I lost this game 4-3 having taken out both the 6 pdrs and some Armoured Cars. I learned just how good flame throwers can be in the hands of veterans. Roger did a great job with his defence and was able to hold me back. I would have pushed the Panthers up the centre to enable taking out the 6 pdrs sooner and kept the Marders back to take out the Armoured Cars as they came out of reserves. Rogers army was very well painted and I took some more pictures so everyone could enjoy the Army.

Group Shot of the army

Armoured Cars complete with marking, antennas and pennants

25 pdrs with Stuart observers

More Armoured Cars

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  1. Nice battle report... I saw the Brits at the event and agree with your compliment on the painting!