Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Panzer Pioneers vs Finn Infantry in Hold the Line

Finn Infantry is the wall that breaks the German wave

My Game 2  of Op HUSKY 2016 a 1850 MW tournament was against Stormtrooper Nick and his Finns. Nick is always a tough as nails opponent who is also a great dude so I was looking forward to the game. I was playing a mechanized force and Nick was playing Infantry so I would have the difficult task of trying to dig out his fearless veteran infantry.

Big Willie's Pioneers
OC and 2IC
Full armored pioneers
Full trucked pioneers with supply cart
Weapons pl with 2 x MG42 and Mortars
2 x Panthers
4 x Marders
2 x SP AA guns

Stormtrooper Nick's Finns
OC and 2IC
Full infantry platoon
Full infantry platoon
Pioneers platoon with supply vehicle
3 x Hvy mortars
2 x PaK 40s
3 x T34s

Set Up
Objectives are in the river just above the bridge and far back left by the woods

Finn infantry and pioneers guard the objectives

Finns waiting in ambush and reserves!

Germans ready to roll out

Finn Pioneers have been busy laying wire

Turn 1-2
German pioneers make short work of the wire obstacles but lose several stands in the process

Germans advance using the cover of the bridge

Turn 3-4
Ambushing Pak 40s knock out the Panthers! While the Marders knock out T34s and the pioneers advance

Marders have taken out the T34s and both Panthers are up in smoke! Pioneers continue to get hammered with the lone survivor withdrawing

Turn 5
PaK 40s move back across the river to provide covering fire onto both objectives

AA trucks move up to try and provide fire to support the Germans last attempt to break through the Finn lines

Finns stand tall despite losing a few of their number

Turn 6-8
The Marders continue to encircle the Finns but the veteran infantry are hard to dig out

Finns hold tight and repel German aggression

I was able to take out a single platoon the T34s to make the game 5-2. Nick played a very strong defence that was made even stronger when his PaK 40s lucked out and knocked out the Panthers at close range. In retrospect I think I would have chosen to push on the one flank.

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