Sunday, December 3, 2017

Lords of War MW 80 pt tournament

Lords of War 80 MW tournament ahead!

Yesterday I had the chance to play in the Lords of War MW 80 point tournament in Oakville. This was my first time playing v4 so I'm sure that I made a bunch of mistakes but I had a great time and as always Lords of War is a great place to play games. I have battle reports coming but here are some of the armies and some actions shots. The calibre of the finished armies was incredible and it looks awesome to see them facing off against each other.

Denis' MW Desert Rats which won best painted

Incredible details!

Matt's Stuart horde

Backed up by a Rifle company

Craig's Desert Rat tanks

Supported by 25 pdrs...

And a US Armoured Rifle Platoon

German Infantry and Recce

Big Willie's Howling Commandos (actually Armoured Rifle Company)

Jay's Germans

Chris' German tanks

Supported by German infantry

And Marders

Panzers attempt to crash through the line

German tanks in the assault!

Stuarts and Crusaders duking it out

Crusaders backed up by an ARP attempting to knock out the Panzers

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