Sunday, November 20, 2011

Battle Cry at Perkins Hobby House

This Sunday I got to play in Battle Cry run by Perkins Hobby House in Petawawa.  It was an outstanding event that was awesome bang for the buck and a load of fun.  Here is a bunch of pictures of armies that played and I have 3 AARs that I will be working on and hopefully have up shortly.  I was very lucky in a couple of the games and ended up tying for best General.  The host (Gary Perkins) broke the tie by giving us both the full prize support, talk about awesome!

 My Tyne and Tees (I think I'm going to actually bite the bullet and paint the right marking on, Matt Varnish has done his whole army and they look outstanding)

 That's a lot of StuGs!

 Andrew Tripples Canadian Staghound list

Serge's Germans (he won Best Painted)
 Joyous Oblivion's American Tanks

 Louie's Brits (I ended up playing against them last game in the tournament)

 Matt Varnishes Brits (would have won best painted but you could win only one category and he won best overall!)

 No invasion strips on this AOP and the whole force is from Fortress Europe Italy!

 M10's ready to eat some Tigers

 Twinlinked's Americans

 Clockwerks77's Panzer Lehr (I played against him second round)

 Panthers galore!

 German Infantry supported by StuGs and Tigers

More German Infantry supported by PaK 43's and Nebs

I should have the AARs done in the next couple of days and then hopefully some more reference photos.  I also found out about another museum like spot on the bases so I'll grab some photos soon.


  1. Super disappointed i didnt get out! My Panzer Lehr will have to fight another day

    Sounds like it was a good time by all accounts, congrats! I was hoping someone I could battle would place well so I could test myself against them!

    Cheers, Brad.

  2. Kick Ass looking armies man! Can't wait to talk to you guys at XMas!

  3. Great looking armies, congrats to Matt his army is outstanding. Wish i could have been there, but Sundays are hard for me to get off work and for some weird reason that seems to be a norm in Ontario.

  4. @ Panzer and Stormtrooper. It sounds like the next tournament in Ottawa
    will be Saturday 18 Feb if you can get there I'm sure it will be a great

    @greedo. I'm really looking forward to it, I already have it cleared
    with the boss and my Dad should be in. I think we totally need to have
    you in via skype!

  5. If your talking about Game summit then yes i do want to go but i'm still waiting for them to confirm which period will be played, i'm thinking it will be latewar since the last one was midwar, but i wish they would bump it up to 1750, too many armies are handicapped by 1500 pts.

  6. I enjoy my toys but coming down from 2000 to 1500 has really opened a new aspect of the game to me, As a Axis/Russian player I was getting really sick of being dominated by Commonwealth Arty of 2x 8 gun batteries.

    1750 May be a good balance of fun and fairness.