Thursday, November 17, 2011

Reference Photos galore!

After the Remembrance Day ceremonies we went up on base and I took some pictures of the different pieces on the base.  They aren't all WWII there is a bunch of Canadian equipment that was used after the war.  Everything wasn't labelled so sometimes this will be my best guess.  Hope you enjoy!

Brit 6 pdr from the front

Brit 6 pdr from the back

German 88 from the front

German 88 from the rear

Quad tractor

Canadian Quad tractor

Ferret Scout car

Canadian Jeep

Interior of Canadian Jeep

I think this is a Chev truck as it doesn't look like a cwt truck

Cut down cwt 5-ton

Cut down cwt 5 ton with cap

Sherman Firefly or Easy 8 (leaning towards Easy 8)
More to come once I get the chance to create the posts.

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