Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Crocodiles and Mortars!

In getting ready for the recent tournaments going on in Ottawa and Petawawa, I've been trying out different platoons to find out what works well and what doesn't.  This is a couple of pictures of the Crocodiles and Mortars that I've been working on.  After looking at how WWPD showcase their work I wanted to do the same.  I used the same method that Battlefront teaches in their "how to paint a Churchill" tutorial and then outlined the tank.  I found it was quick, easy and looks great.  Here are the two platoons.

Crocs advancing along the road

A closer look at the Crocs
Mortar platoon in a plowed field

Mortar platoon commander and observers


  1. Thanks! I'm planning on trying out Crac des Chevaliers painting technique for some Commandos next. Any suggestions on what to add to the bases (plants or the like) to really make them pop?

  2. I agree looks great. Perhaps you can add some rocks to the bases. A couple of stones here and there.