Monday, November 26, 2012

Battle Cry 2012!

RKelly's Schwere Panzers

This weekend marked the annual Battle Cry at Perkins Hobby House in Petawawa.  I wasn't able to play but I did get the chance to stop in and snap some photos and say hello to everyone.  It looked like everyone was having a good time.  Enjoy the pictures, I should have a new battle report done soon.

Christmas Tree Objective

Santa Objective

Serge's Hell's Highway Brits

Close up of the plane

PhantomRescue's Chaffes

Close up of the $9000 Objective (yes that is an air bag on a jeep)...

Apparently the driver really likes the Yankees

A beautiful German force

A German SS Army

Tripples Stag Hound list

Matt Varnishes Russian Tanks

Close up of a Platoon Commander

Ca$h's Germans

Up close with the King Tiger and Hetzers

More German SS

Louie's Americans

Lugg's Pieper Kampfgruppe

BJ's Screaming Eagles Paratroopers
VIII Hasars

Urban Table
 Town square

Snow Table

European Country side

Desert Battlefield

French Country side

Random Table

Another Snow table

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