Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Panzer Pioneers vs British 8th Army in Breakthrough

 Panthers bailed by steel rain!

This was the final round of Fall Fubar a 1650 MW tournament put on by the Dice Devils GC at the Barrhaven Legion. As luck would have it my final round I was paired against my partner from last week Matt Varnish. The mission was Breakthrough and it promised to be a good one.

Panzer Pioneers
  • OC and 2IC with Knackers
  • Full Armoured Pioneer with knacker and supply vehicle
  • Full Trucked Pioneers with knacker and supply vehicle
  • 2 x 8-Rads
  • 4 x Marders
  • 2 x Panthers
Brit 8th Army
  • OC and 2IC
  • Mortar platoon
  • HMG platoon
  • Rifle platoon with 3 x Anti-tank rifles
  • 4 x 25pdr battery
  • 3 x Churchills
  • 2 x Churchills
  • 4 x 6pdr Portee
  • 3 x Universal Carriers


Objectives are far left corner and between building and wood in the open

Pioneer platoons ready to roll out to the objective

Marders guarding the vulnerable transports

Panthers and 8-Rads set to move out in front of everyone

Churchills ready to block the German advance

Brit Infantry in the town, for those that know Matt Varnish he's already claiming victory!

German obstacles stretching as far as the eye can see

Brit guns ready to bring the steel rain

Panzer Pioneers
  • Nil
Brit 8th Army
  • 2 x Churchills
  • 4 x 6pdr portees
  • Mortar platoon
  • Universal Carriers

Panzer Pioneers: I was able to use wire and lots of it along the boundary of no mans land and the objective. Of course this means that it was going to be harder for Matt to get to the objective.
Brit 8th Army: Wire and Panthers in Midwar! This was going to be an uphill battle. Good thing there are Churchills here to soak up the punishment and then break through the enemy lines.


Opening bombardment kills the OC and bails a Panther!!!!

Marders begin a long range, one sided gun fight. Killing a Churchill!

Churchills move up and hammer a half track, killing 2 stands

Panzer Pioneers
  • OC
  • 2 x infantry stands
Brit 8th Army
  • 1 x Churchill
  • 1 x Churchill

Panzer Pioneers: I can't believe the 25 pdrs were that on the ball! The observers just became my number one target. I'm also happy that the Marders have a 32" range and are shooting at Churchills that only have a 24" range.
Brit 8th Army: The guns the guns, thank god for the guns! Now if only they can do the same thing next turn. The trained nature of the Churchills are causing problems with being hit on 4+ at range in the open.


half tracks spread out to above being the next Arty target

The repeat bombardment bails the other Panther!

Some Marders come to the Panthers aid knocking out the remainder of the platoon

While the other Marders knock out the remaining Churchill (yes that's all 5!)

Panzer Pioneers
  • OC
  • 2 x infantry stands
Brit 8th Army
  • Churchill platoon
  • Churchill platoon

Panzer Pioneers: The Marders are coming through big time with my big cats laid low from the Arty. Hopefully they will get back into the fight next turn.
Brit 8th Army: The rifle platoon has anti-tank rifles, they would have been great against the half tracks...next time gadget, next time...


Pioneers ready to dig in and hold off any reinforcements as both Panthers remount

The Portees arrive from reserve and miss completely, the return fire destroys the platoon

Panzer Pioneers
  • OC
  • 3 x infantry stands
  • 2 x half tracks
Brit 8th Army
  • Churchill platoon
  • Churchill platoon
  • Portee platoon
  • Observer, battery comd and 1 x 25 pdr

Panzer Pioneers: Veteran is always a good thing for me. The Marders were hands down the VIP for this game.
Brit 8th Army: All Anti-tank dead. Observer and Battery Comd dead along with a gun means no one can spot effectively. Now all the anti-tank is dead and there is only two dead half tracks to show for it. At the end of this turn the Brit capitulated.
This was the last battle of the tournament and I pulled out a 6-1. My record for this tournament was 3-3, 5-2, 6-1 and I took best Axis general and 2nd overall. The winner was Ca$h from Dice Devils and he went 4-3, 5-2, 6-1 so the tournament was decided in the first round. I had a blast and as always the Dice Devils did a great job with terrain and venue. Thanks to Pripyat for running the whole affair.

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