Wednesday, July 31, 2013

US Paras vs British Guard Infantry in Encounter

Howard Stark shows off his mad pilot skills taking out a whole platoon literally single handedly!

Game 1 of the LW Nationals was against Joses.  He was running British Guards and I was running US Paratroopers.  The total was 1780 pts and the first mission was Encounter.  My list consisted of 2 Paratrooper platoons, an MG platoon, Cav Recon, Shermans, 2 x M18s and 3 x 105mm.  I attached my MGs out and deployed both Para platoons and the Tank destroy platoon.

Set Up
Objectives are in the field top left, in the cross roads front and centre, near the woods top right and in the woods top centre

Para and Recce near the cross road objective

Brit infantry and 6-pdrs guard one objective

Joe V and his observe with an infantry platoon guard the other objective

Paras ready to move out

Turn 1-2
Everyone doubles forward in prep for assault into the woods

Brit infantry digs in, ready for the assault

Infantry and 6-pdrs dig in on objective

Turn 3
Avenger swoops in with help but can't seem to hit anything with its bombs

Tank destroyers advance and start hitting dug in infantry with .50 Cals

Turn 4
The Paras advance ready to  dig out the Brits

The 6-pdrs try and reposition to help out the poor infantry

Turn 5
Avenger again swoops down but fails to do any real damage

The Paras advance under the cover of .50 Cals and prepare to assault

When the dust settles the Brits are down to one team and the OC and the Paras are down several stands

Turn 6
The Carrier platoon arrives and knocks out another infantry stand.  The 105mms and Shermans knock out two carriers trying to help Cap from being overrun

Shermans, Tank Destroyers and Recce hull down and in overwatch positions

Avenger finally finds his range and knock out 2 tanks bailing the others and forcing the platoon to flee!

Turn 7
The other Sherman platoon arrived and assaulted to take out Cap and his platoon.  The Tank destroyers and Shermans knocked out 3 of the Brit tanks but couldn't break the unflappable guards

The game ended here with the final score of 3 - 2.  I know that a lot of people say there isn't enough time and it is true given more I would have been able to take the objective but I did get an infantry platoon across the whole table (thank you truscan trot).  Stay tuned I should have the next LW Nationals game up shortly.

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