Wednesday, June 29, 2016

German Armoured Pioneers vs Russia Infantry in Cauldron

Marders move up to machine Russian as they break from cover!

My fourth game was against Ben and his massive Russian infantry. The mission was Cauldron which meant I was going to be attacking Russian infantry who are dug in around the objective in rubble. Ben is also an engineer so he and I hit it off right away. It looked like I was going to have my work cut out for me as he had a massive amount of infantry I was going to have to chew through in order to take the objective.

Big Willie's Pioneers
OC and 2IC
Full Armoured Pioneers
Half Trucked Pioneers
Armoured Mortars
4 x 7.62 Marders
2 x 8-Rads
2 x 2cm SP AA trucks
2 x Panthers

Ben's Russian Infantry
OC and 2IC
Full Infantry company
Small Infantry company
Anti-tank rifle company
Pioneer company
6 x Heavy Mortars
4 x Spetznas
3 x SU 85s

Set Up
Objectives are in front of both hills in the centre of the board on the right

Scores of Russian Infantry surround an objective

More infantry by the other objective

Panthers deploy on the left in an attempt to corner the immediate ambushing SU 85s

Pioneers, 8-Rads and Mortars all deploy in the same area by sheer luck

Turn 1
Panthers re-position immediately and take out the first of the SU 85s

Marders fan out and start trying to pick off stands of Russian infantry

Pioneers move up to gain contact with the Russians

Turn 2
Realizing that their back door is unsecured the Marder move to cover all directions

Slowly the German fire begins to take out stands of the largest infantry company

Marders catch another SU 85 in the open and take it out but the stubborn Russian refuse to break

Turn 3
Marders move to intercept reinforcements 

The Anti-tank rifles that were not attached out arrive from reserves and are wiped out to a stand

Turn 4
Marders re-position to continue digging out Russian troops from the rubble

Half-tracks and 8-Rads move back to the front lines to continue digging out the Russians

Turn 5
Spetsnaz arrive from reserves but stay within the woods

The OC makes sure that he is close enough to the objective to keep the game going

Pioneers attempt to break into the rubble...

But are repelled by the Russian hordes

Turn 6
Heavy mortars arrive from reserve and are immediately attacked by the marders and the 2IC

Between machine gun fire and an assault the Marders destroy both the mortars and the Spetsnaz

Turn 7
8-Rads and AA trucks attempt to add their weight of fire to digging out the Russians

Panthers, Marders and the Company HQs begin to move forward on the left flank

Turn 8
The Russians move flame throwers forward in an attempt to take out one of the small German platoons the final volley of fire from the combined German force breaks the large Russian company despite 3 fearless rolls!

Turn 9
With the Russian battalion below half the remaining forces get out of the rubble and attempt to assault the remaining Germans

A birds eye view of the Russians being machine gunned in the streets while the Panthers take out the final SU 85s

Ben called it here giving me the 4-3 win. He asked me why I didn't move my AA trucks behind cover to make sure that he couldn't take them out and give me the 5-2 just allowing him to keep rolling until he failed. I suppose that would have been the smart play but it just didn't seem fitting. I really enjoyed playing Ben and after the failed Pioneer assault that was wiped out it was an up hill struggle. Good times were had by all and my overall performance is 2-1-1.

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