Monday, May 22, 2017

Team Yankee Tournament coverage

Soviets push hard against the US block

This weekend I played in my first Team Yankee Tournament at Lords of War in Oakville. The tournament was outstanding and Lords of War is easily one of the best FLGS there is.

Here are some pictures of some of the armies and some of the games in progress, I'll have some battle reports in the next few days.

Shaun's East Germans

Big Willie's USMC tanks

Jay's Brits


Matt's West Germans

Regicide's USMC infantry

USMC attempting to root out invading East Germans

Carnations covering East Germans defensive line

M60 A3 tanks advance into the teeth of the Soviet blocks defence

M109s and TOW cover the advancing USMC

The battle swirls outside of the the downtown core

Soviets and West Germans clash along the border

Leopard 2 tanks move to reinforce the flank

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