Tuesday, May 23, 2017

USMC Tanks vs West Germans Tanks in Encounter

USMC M1 catches West Germans tanks dashing for cover!

My first game of the 80 point tournament at Lords of War was against Matt and his West Germans. The first mission was Encounter and this would be my first ever Team Yankee tournament game and my third game of Team Yankee so I was hoping that I could remember the rules. Matt had a beautifully painted army, which is always a real pleasure to play against.

Big Willie's USMC
OC in M1
4 x M1 platoon
3 x M1 platoon
2 x Vads
3 x M113 Mortars
2 x A10s

Matt's West Germans
OC in Leo 1
3 x Leo 1
3 x Marders platoon
3 x Leo 2
4 x Gepards
4 x Tornadoes
2 x Luchs

Set Up
Objectives are in the open behind the field and church on the right and in between the  house and hill and on the rail line on the left

Leo 1's and 2's ready to hunt some M1s

Marders and Panzer Grenadiers holding an objective

USMC tanks holding one objective

Devil Dogs holding the other objective

Turn 1
First blood goes to the USMC as they knock out a Marder

M1 crews target the lighter Leo 1's

A luck shot from Thundercat knocks out the German OC

USMC tanks spread out to contain the German big cats

Turn 2
Leo 2's return fire knocking out an M1!

M1s continue to advance destroying the remaining Leo 1's!

Turn 3
Another Marder falls to the M1s and the remaining APC makes a dash for the objective

The OC flanks the Leo 2's knocking one out

Turn 4
The final Marder is knocked out and the M1s prepare for the dug in Grenadiers

Turn 5
Grenadiers waste no time in lighting up an M1

The M1 platoon advances catching the Leo 2's in a deadly cross fire and destroying them

At this point Matt and I haven't gotten any reinforcements and the M1s are firmly holding the objective for a 6-1 win. Talk about a fast paced and blood game, I was lucky with a few armour saves for my tanks and have also gained a healthy respect for the Milan missiles used by the German and British Infantry.


  1. Over in Denmark, or I would have been there.

  2. Thanks guys, it was a great time. Haven't seen armies this well painted since my last Dice Devils tournament.