Friday, May 26, 2017

USMC Tanks vs East Germans in No Retreat

USMC Tanks light up the advancing Red Tide!

Game 2 of the 80 point Team Yankee tournament at Lords of War was against Shaun and his East Germans. This was my first time playing a No Retreat mission and with deep immediate reserves it meant that I was only going to have 4 M1s on the table to start. Hopefully they would be able to hold off the East Germans until the other tanks could arrive.

Big Willie's USMC
OC in M1
4 x M1s
3 x M1s
2 x Vads
3 x M113 Mortars
2 x A10s

Shaun's East Germans
OC in T-72
6 x T-72s
6 x T-72s
3 x BMP Recce
5 x BMP platoon
2 x Gopher
2 x Shilka
3 x Carnations

Set Up
Objectives are behind the gas station shallow bottom left and behind the Golden Arches middle left

The advancing Red Tide!

Turn 1
The stalwart USMC tankers open fire and knock out 4 T-72s!

Turn 2
More M1s are pushed forward as the original 4 knock out the remaining T-72s from one platoon and start destroying recce BMPs

Turn 3
A T-72 moves into position and takes out an M1!

Turn 4
More T-72s advance and a missile from the BMPs knock out another M1 and the East German air defence knocks out an A10 and the other one flees. Aircraft look some freakin' awesome but they just suck in this game...

Turn 5
Remaining recce BMPs advance to striking distance of the objective only to lose another of their number. The BMPs knock out another M1 but the platoon commander stays around!

Turn 6
The remainder of the T-72s that can engage the M1s are knocked out and the BMPs are starting to get light up taking out another of their number

The smoking wrecks nearly hide the objective but the USMC is the bulwark that breaks the Red Tide!

Shaun was a fantastic opponent as always, I was lucky with a couple of rolls and he was unlucky with a couple, otherwise this game would have turned out differently. Also, we started not using the night fighting rules where Shaun dashed forward, there was some confusion so we restarted with night fighting only to find out after everyone had moved that we didn't need to play night fighting. So we didn't. I'm curious to see how different the game would have been with either a dash move to start or night fighting. As it was I squeaked out a 5-2 thanks to a solid platoon commander not willing to run.

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