Sunday, May 28, 2017

USMC Tanks vs British Tanks in Encounter

The OC moves from cover to keep the street clean!

The final game of the Lords of War 80 point Team Yankee tournament was against Jay and his British tanks. We were playing Encounter and this was going to be the first time that I faced off against the Brits. I've been told that their infantry are tough and their tanks are only slightly easier. Jay's army looked awesome and I find that is what truly makes the game enjoyable, when two well painted armies clash on a good looking battlefield.

Big Willie's USMC
OC in M1
4 x M1 platoon
3 x M1 platoon
3 x M113 mortars
2 x Vads
2 x A10s

Jay's Brits
OC in Chieftain
3 x Chieftains
3 x Chieftains
3 x Swing fire platoon
Full Infantry platoon
6 x Blow pipes platoon
6 x Recce
3 x Lynks Helos
Air Assault infantry platoon

Set Up
Objectives are top of the picture by the woods on the right and farm house on the left and behind McDonalds in the field and just off frame bottom centre by the M1s

Chieftains and Infantry guarding one objective

Chieftains and OC guarding the centre of the board

Swing Fire platoon guarding the far right

M1s guarding an objective facing off with Chieftains

Larger M1 platoon holding the other objective

Turn 1-2
M1s open fire and bail 2 Chieftains which promptly flee followed by knocking out a Swing fire

Chieftains knock out an M1 that leaves the safety of the woods

Turn 3-4
The OC keeps the street clear!

Chieftains knock out another M1 but the devil dog stays around!

Turn 5-6
The Lynks land on the objective and are immediately destroyed by the M1s only losing a single stand in the crash. The M1s charge the infantry and only take out another stand as they withdraw into the woods

The M1 OC knocks out the Chieftain OC with flanking fire!

Vads arrive from reserve and along with M1s try and squish the Brit infantry

Turn 7-8
The old man knocks out a Recce vehicle and bails others

The platoon commander hits the centre tank with a flank shot and takes him out causing a motivation check and the Chieftains flee!

With the Brit infantry dealt with the M1s and Vads advance against the closets objective

M113 Mortars arrive from reserve and advance on the enemy objective

More Recce tanks are taken out by M1s

M1s push for the objective but are driven off by a single stand of British Infantry!

The Chieftains are an amazing tank, heavy armour and a very good gun but a little slow and without stabilisers. I have a very healthy respect for them now and appreciate that getting flank shots is the key for taking these guys out. As it stands both Jay and I lost with a score of 3-1. Had I been a little more aggressive I think I could have gotten to the objective sooner instead of running out of time. I've also come to realise how important it is to get within 8" when fighting against guided missiles. Both the Milans and the Swing Fire teams couldn't hurt my tanks within 8".

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