Tuesday, December 5, 2017

US Armoured Rifles vs British Tanks in Encounter

Capt America watches the advance of his Howling Commandos

My first game of v4 was as part of the Lords of War 80 point MW tournament. I've been playing Team Yankee and had played v3 so I figured I'd be good. I was lucky enough to be paired with Craig who was going to help guide me through this voyage of discovery with his Desert Rat tanks.

Big Willie's Armoured Rifles
OC and 2IC with jeeps
Armoured Rifle Platoon (-)
Armoured Rifle Platoon (-)
Armoured Rifle Mortars
4 x Lees
4 x Shermans

Craig's Desert Rat Tanks
OC, 2IC and 2 x Mortar Crusaders
3 x Crusaders
3 x Crusaders
3 x Crusaders
4 x 25 pdrs
2 x Hurriances
Allied Full Armoured Rifle Platoon

Set Up
Objectives are centred inside of the platoons on the left and are top right and top centre

25 pdrs guarding an objective

Hurricanes lurking around the battlefield waiting to pounce

Crusaders crowding around the limited terrain for cover

ARP guarding an objective

Lee's ready to advance

ARP guarding the other objective

Turn 1
ARP begin pushing forward against using terrain to cover their advance

Lee's advance careful to not expose their flanks

25 pdrs bail out a Lee

Turn 2
Capt watches the smoke screen drop in front of the guns to cover his troops advance

Lee's manage to knock out a Crusader

25 pdrs open fire and pin the advancing ARP

Turn 3
Lee's knock out the remaining Crusaders

The ARP has amazing luck and with double 6's knock out 2 of the 25 pdrs

The Crusaders counter while the 25 pdrs hammer the ARP forcing them back

The ARP is beaten and pulls back to regroup

Hurricanes arrive and knock out a 81mm mortar

Turn 4
ARPs take cover behind the hill

Lee's attempt to engage the Crusaders

The Hurricanes arrive again this time bailing a Lee

Turn 5
Shermans arrive from reserve and knock out 2 of the Crusaders

Crusaders arrive from reserve and combine their fire power to take out the Lees

The 25 pdrs open fire over open sights and knock out a Sherman

The Shermans advance but are unable to hit the Crusaders or guns

The game ended in a tie so we were both losers. I had killed one platoon and Craig had killed 2 giving him the edge in points (2-1). Craig was a great guide through v4, I think I need to read the rules again. I've found since the game there was a number of things that I did completely wrong:

1. The ARP mortar can fire like a normal gun battery and could have continually pinned the 25 pdrs.
2. I could have targeted the ground making sure that I hit all for of the guns.
3. I should have advanced with my ARP on the left as soon as Craig moved his Crusaders to counter my already advancing ARP.

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