Thursday, December 7, 2017

US Armoured Rifles vs DAK Infantry in Counterattack

Shermans flank DAK Panzers while US infantry hold the line!

Game 2 of the Lords of War MW 80 point tournament was against Dean and his DAK infantry. This would mark my second ever game of v4. Again I'm sure that I made mistakes but I would like to think that I'm slowly starting to understand the mechanics of v4. The mission was Counterattack which was going to make it hard on Dean as he would have to race me across the desert to secure the far objective and I would be mounted.

Big Willie's US Armoured Rifles
OC and 2IC in Jeeps
Half Armoured Rifles platoon
Half Armoured Rifles platoon
Armoured Mortars
4 x Lees
4 x Shermans

Dean's DAK Infantry
OC and 2IC
Full infantry platoon
Full infantry platoon
3 x Pak 38
4 x 10.5cm guns
4 x Panzer III's up armoured

Set Up
Objectives are on the road far right side and just off the road top left side

DAK Infantry and guns dug in around the objective

The other DAK Infantry platoon ready to move out and secure the far objective

ARPs ready to race to the far objective ahead of their walking DAK counter parts while the Lee's provide covering fire

Mortars in position to duel with the 10.5 cms guns and Shermans ready to take on the Panzers when they arrive from reserves

Turn 1
Lee's advance on the infantry in an attempt to find the ambushing Pak 38s

ARPs dash forward using the cover of the town while the Shermans move more cautiously, in case the Panzers arrive

The PaK 38s spring from ambush but only manage to bail two Lees

Turn 2
The Mortars manage to knock out a 10.5cm gun

The Lee's move to catch the DAK infantry attempting to secure the far objective

Turn 3
The Panzers arrive from reserve but only manage to bail a single half track

The PaK 38 takes out one of the Lee's that failed to remount

Turn 4
The half track remounts and moves off with the others to engage the advancing DAK infantry with MG fire. Meanwhile the ARPs form a firing line with Blitzing 'zooks and the Shermans flank the Panzers knocking out one and bailing another

Flanking Yank fire!

Turn 5
The DAK tank crews attempt to move away from the kill zone but are quickly caught by the Shermans and 'zooks and destroyed. The .30 cal MGs shred the DAK infantry in the open destroying another German platoon

The Lees trade shots with the PaK 38s knocking out a gun...

Before shooting and scooting to safety

The game ended at the beginning of turn 6 with a 8-1 US win. I think the mission, terrain and Dean's army list really played against him in this case. Having to try and make it to a far objective when you're walking and your opponent is riding in a half track makes for an uphill battle. To make matters worse Dean suffered some horrible luck with the dice for at least two turns. I think that I had a better handle on the rules (or at least what I thought were the rules). I still need to get back into the book and reread the rules.

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