Saturday, December 9, 2017

US Armoured Rifles vs US Light tanks in No Retreat

Shemans wading through the carnage while dominating the battlefield!

Game 3 of the Lords of War 80 point MW tournament was against Matt and his Stuart horde in No Retreat. My entire force is mechanised and while Matt had way more tanks than I did but he also had an entire infantry formation as part of his army which meant that I would be attacking. The deep immediate reserves were going to work in my favour limiting Matt to only a single tank platoon.

Big Willie's US Armoured Rifles
OC and 2IC in jeeps
Small Armoured Rifle platoon
Small Armoured Rifle platoon
Armoured Mortars
4 x Lees
4 x Shermans

Matt's US Light Tanks
OC and 2IC in Stuarts
5 x Stuarts
5 x Stuarts
5 x Stuarts
3 x T30s
Armoured Mortars

OC and 2IC infantry
Full Rifle platoon
Full Rifle platoon
4 x Lees

Set Up
Objectives are on the left side of the ruined Monastery and just in front of the ruined red building moving directly towards the camera

Matt's US infantry dug in on one objective

T30s waiting in the woods

Matt's other US infantry platoon guarding the other objective

Big Willie's ARP ready to use half track mobility on roads

The right flank supported by Shermans off camera to the right (centre of the board)

Turn 1
With a roar of engines the ARPs and supporting tanks surge forward

US half tracks pull up besides ruins with the intent of deploying the ARP safely within

Matt;s Lees spring from ambush and bail two of my Lees

Turn 2
The infantry blitz from the half tracks to allow for the LMGs and mortar to cover the assault only to lose two stands to defensive fire

Stuarts arrive and make short work of the empty half tracks, meanwhile the Shermans and  Lees engage Matt's Lees knocking them out

Turn 3
The Lee's are having a hard time getting back into their tanks to the OC moves over to help motivate them

Shermans hold the high ground and begin dominating the battlefield knocking out Stuarts left and right

Turn 4
Armoured mortars continue to hammer the dug in infantry... 

While the Stuarts attempt to use cover to stay away from the Shermans big guns

Turn 5
The Lee's engage and knock out the majority of another Stuart platoon before joining the Shermans on the high feature and the ARP moves to conduct an assault

Turn 6
The ARP manages to push the US Rifles off the objective only to have the OC and 2IC of the Stuarts arrive from reserve

Stuarts begin hammering the ARP in the rubble to try and protect the other US Rifle platoon

Turn 7
Lee's knock out the Stuarts while Shermans take care of the remaining armoured mortars. The ARP opens fire on the US Rifles in the open causing blody havoc

Shermans continue to advance in the midst of the breaking US Rifles. The ARP firmly hold the objective with several platoons

The game ended with the Armoured Rifles winning 8-1. I noticed that this mission and Matt's army list really didn't help him. By having the infantry it meant he was defending but it also meant he could only have a single tank platoon on. I think had he had an ARP attached without the other formation he may have been the attacker. 

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