Saturday, January 31, 2015

Enbicon 2015 FoW tournament

Action around the Church

This weekend was the Enbicon FoW early war tournament.  It was 1390 points and we had 12 guys show up to play.  Here are some pictures of the tables and armies. Special thanks to the guys from New Minas for making the drive.  There is a ton of pictures of the tables, armies and action. I hope you enjoy.

Winter table

Country side 

Low lands table 

Desert table 

Europe table 

Andrew in action 

British forces advacning 

 tanks off in the distance 

 88 crew doing their best to knock out the tanks

Battle in the Desert 

The action intensifies near the church 

Guards on the attack 

8-Rad covering some infantry 

 The guns the guns, thank God for the guns...

Stukas swoop low aiming for some infantry 

Brits advance through the woods 

Finns and Brit infantry duke it out around the church 

Mitch's Germans 

Quinton's Germans 

Phil's Finns 

Colin's Russians 

Mark's German Panzers 

Andrew or Ryan's Brits 

Bob's Germans 

Big Wille's Brit Desert Rats Infantry 

The technoviking's German SS Infantry 

Germans vs Finns 

Brit vs Germans 

German vs German 

Russians vs Germans


  1. Great looking event, lots to look at there!

  2. What a blast it was. Great tournament with fantastic FLGS and Battlefront support, including prizes and some terrain for the club.
    Some very tight lists there, I think every one of us had a fairly balanced list.

  3. Great pictures and fantastic tables!