Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Panzer Pioneers vs DAK Infantry in Hasty Attack

Panther on the prowl

This week at the gaming club (name coming soon) I had the chance to get a practice game in with my 1710 MW army for the upcoming New Minas tournament. Stormtrooper Nick and I decided to roll up a random mission and we rolled Hasty Attack.

Big Willie's German Pioneers
OC and 2IC with knackers
Full Armored Pioneers
Half trucked Pioneers
2 x 8-Rads
2 x Panthers
4 x Marder III Ms
2 x 2cm SP AA
3 x Nebs

Stormtrooper Nick's DAK Infantry
OC and 2IC with knackers
Full Infantry platoon with 2 x PaK 38s, MG 42 and 8cm mortar
Full Infantry platoon with 2 x PaK 38s
Schurtzen platoon
3 x Nebs with PaK 38
4 x Panzer III Ns
2 x 8-Rads
Priority Stuka support

Set Up
Objectives are centre right behind the little wood, bottom right beside the larger wood and center left in the open

Marders and Pioneers stay just beyond Pak 38 range

AA keep a watchful eye for air to protect their big cats

DAK Infantry hold one objective

Nebs take up position behind the hill guarded by their PaK 38

DAK Infantry guard the centre objective

Turn 1
Stukas swoop down only to be driven off by AA fire

Nebs smoke off the Panthers stopping them from using their full rate of fire

Turn 2
Stukas dive in again aiming for the Pioneer platoon only to be driven off again

8-Rads arrive from reserve and attempt to knock out a doubling PaK 38 with no luck

Panthers move out from the smoke but have no luck hitting the dug in veterans.  The Marders move up to the front of the wheat fields

Turn 3
The 2cm gunners continue their streak and drive away more Stukas

PaK 38s open fire knocking out one 8-Rad and the mortar smokes the other

Panzer III Ns arrive from reserve

Turn 4
Panzer III Ns knock out one of the Nebs

Marders open fire on the PaK 38s knocking out one while the Pioneers begin the dangerous job of cross the killing ground

Panthers move to intercept the Panzer III Ns

Turn 5
Just like in Fury the PaK 38s knock out a half track as it tries to cross the open ground

The SP AA guns are knocked out by the MG 42

Panthers knock out 2 Panzer III Ns

Turn 6
The marders knock out an 8-Rad and bail the other, while the Nebs fail to smoke the Pak 38.  Its now or never for an assault but the conditions have not been set for success.... this could be bad..

The assault gets off and they manage to knock out the PaK 38 and several other teams but are driven off by the counter attack despite the OC being there

Turn 7
The DAK Infantry move back into their foxholes and prepare to open fire on the exposed Pioneers

The MG fire is devastating knocking out the whole platoon! The OC doubles back to the safety of his troops.  Little did I realize that would be what cost me the game.

The Panthers knock out the remaining Panzer III Ns

At the end of my turn I realize that by having the OC fall back I no longer have any teams across half way and it was after turn 6 so Stormtrooper Nick pulled off a 5-2 win.  I was a great game and had me puzzling over potential tweaks to my army list.  It also made me wonder why you don't shoot smoke bombardments in the movement step and it be a skill check by the observer instead of being the same as an HE bombardment.

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