Saturday, January 3, 2015

Mid War US tanks vs Canadian Tanks in Hasty Attack

Shermans ready to advance!

Today at Gamezilla, I played a second game, this time against Mark.  The armies were mid war.  For the US, I had a tank company (Confident Trained):
OC and 2IC in Stuarts
Stuart Platoon (4 tanks)
Sherman Platoon (4 tanks)
Armored Rifle Platoon (2 bazookas)
Recon Platoon (2 sections in jeeps, HQ and bazooka in halftrack)
M10 TD Platoon
105mm Howitzer Platoon

The Canadians had a tank company (Confident Trained):
OC and 2IC in Sherman IIIs
2 x Sherman III platoons (3 x Shermans each)
2 x Recon Platoons (in Bren carriers, British, and confident vets)
2 x Infantry Platoons (Brits, confident vets)
Limited Air (Hurricane)
And I think that was it....

Set Up
The Canadians rolled off, and won the ability to attack.  The defender (me) has to hold two objectives, both on the left.  One near, one mid.  The objective I placed is on the far, left, on top of that hill.

Sherman IIIs Advance!
Mark's two sherman platoons advance with recon leading.  It's clear that he is going after the objective on my left.

Dude!  Where's my guns?
So, this is where my Howitzer platoon used to be.  His Hurricane and his tanks drove in on my guns, killing them all and sending the lone survivor off the table.  (The staff team figured it was of no more use...)

M4A1 platoon arrives in the nick of time, practically knocking out one of his Sherman III platoons

Fall back!
Recon Platoon survivors fall back after being assaulted by a platoon of infantry.  Mark is obviously undeterred by the loss of his tanks on the other flank.

The best defence is a good offence!
M5 Stuart platoon arrives and moves up on the enemy recon platoon, destroying a vehicle before the rest break off.

"Do I have to do everything around here?"
Mark's OC moves up to contest the objective, keeping my M5 Stuart platoon from getting the easy win!

M4A1 and Sherman III platoons exchange long range shots.  Who will win, Stabilizers or Semi-Indirect fire?

The answer: neither!  M10s to the rescue!
Guided into an attack position by the 2IC, the M10s, fresh from assaulting and destroying an enemy infantry platoon caught in the open, move up and finish off a platoon of Sherman IIIs.

Aftermath: US victory.  4-3
In the end, the Stuart platoon, down to 2 bailed and 2 burning, rolled to stay on the table, and then both bailed out tanks got back in.  This allowed for four shots on the OC, knocking him out.  Also, the M10 Tank Destroyers turned out to be key for me in this match.  They caught an infantry platoon in the open and assaulted them, suffering four hits in defensive fire, one shy of sending them back.  In spite of being only trained, they proved deadly in destroying every single last rifleman in that platoon.  Then they moved up, and finished off the Sherman III platoon, killing the 2IC.  With no company command team on the table, and below 50%, Mark was unable to make his morale check.
This game was a see saw match that left both sides bloodied. Great match!

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