Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New Brunswick Military Museum

The North Shore Regiment was raised in New Brunswick and landed on D-day as part of the 3rd Canadian Division on Juno beach

I recently had the opportunity to check out the New Brunswick war museum.  I didn't get pictures outside where all the vehicles were parked (I will there was a lot) but here are some of the inside WWII pictures. I was really impressed with the knowledge level of the staff and how great everything look.  The museum isn't fully finished but what they do have done is top quality.  There are items and displays dating back to 1640 all the way to Canadas latest war in Afghanistan.

Canadian Uniforms (Italy on left and Europe on right) and a BAR in the middle

German uniforms (Heer on left and Luftwaffe on right)

Canadian Uniform in Hong Kong along with rifle and bayonet

German side arms and epaulettes with description of what colours mean what trades

German 2cm AA gun

British mountain gun from Hong Kong

British 3" mortar

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