Sunday, January 18, 2015

How to build a 15mm scale Chinook

Chinooks for use with 15mm moderns or Stopping the Red Tide

Recently I converted a couple of roughly 1:100 scale Chinook helicopters to create an airmobile platoon for my USMC that I use for Cold War gone hot or variations of the Fate of a Nation.  I couldn't find a cheap and good looking model.  This one cost me about $20 each but only because I used the Battlefront rotors and helicopter stand.

Here are the parts your going to need:
2 x Battlefront helicopter rotors ($10)
1 x Helicopter flying stand ($10)
1 x Syma S026-01 Helicopter body ($5)
1 x Syma S026 landing gear and engines ($3)

All the bits I used

I started by glueing the wheels into postion, the rotors in and then covering all the holes with clear plastic from the blister package.  I the centre middle cut a small hole for the helicopter stand.

Rotors, wheels and holes covered

Next up rotor blades

I know a Chinook has more blades on it's rotors but it looks great and only a handful of people will get that

2 Chinooks assembled and ready to go

Complete air package with Chinooks and Cobras ready for some paint


  1. Looking pretty awesome. A lot more economical than the 15mm old glory mini to boot.

  2. @daveb, thanks!

    For everyone else here is the link for the old glory model
    it retails for 30 pounds so my solution is much cheaper

  3. Brillant! Pain to find them for the uk, however got theee !