Sunday, June 26, 2016

German Armoured Pioneers vs US Armoured Rifles in Breakthrough

Marders pounce on the unsuspecting dough boys

My second game was against Stephen and his US Armoured Rifles. The mission was Breakthrough. I was feeling pretty good after the great game that I had against Jeff so I was going to try and keep the undefeated streak alive.

Big Willie's Pioneers
OC and 2IC
Full Armoured Pioneers
Half Trucked Pioneers
Armoured Mortars
4 x 7.62 Marders
2 x 8-Rads
2 x 2cm SP AA trucks
2 x Panthers

Stephen's Armoured Rifles
OC and 2IC with 37mm gun
Full ARP with 37mm
Full ARP with 37mm
3 x AMs
3 x SP 105mms
Armoured Recce
5 x Lees
2 x M10s

Set Up
Objectives are behind the ruin on the right and far right at base of the hill

US Recce ready to roll out

German Pioneers ready to protect the objective

Panthers ready to protect the pioneers as they move to the objective

Turn 1
Pioneers race to the objective while Marders appear immediately from reserves

Panthers begin the game of cat and mouse, this time with Recce platoon

Marders open fire on an ARP knocking out the half track and several teams

Turn 2
Panthers begin taking apart the SP 105s

Dough boys break from cover to advance on the objective

Turn 3
Panthers start taking apart the Armoured Mortars

Marders plunk away against the ARP

Turn 4
Marders start taking on US Recce and protecting the pioneers

Panthers finish off the Armoured Mortars

Turn 5
Lees arrive from reserve to press the objective

Turn 6
Lees and the ARP take out the Marders, and Pioneers guarding the objective causing the Panthers and the other Pioneers to move to intercept

View from the hill over looking the objective

M10s advance, attempting to get flank shots on the Panthers

Turn 7
Panther and 8-Rads start taking out more Lees and US Recce around the objective

M10s knock out one the the Panthers!

Turn 8
Panther knocks out the remaining Lees while the 8-Rad and MG fire take out US Recce

The game ended here with a German 4-3 victory. Stephen was an excellent opponent and a great sport. He did an outstanding job of minimizing the Panthers and keeping them busy. 

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