Thursday, June 23, 2016

German Pioneers vs Grenadiers in Dust Up

Panthers sink their teeth into a tasty Brumbar

I had the pleasure of joining Stormtrooper Nick, Technoviking and the Terrain Guy representing Eastern Canada at the inaugural  North American Team Championship 2016. This years event was a 1650 MW tournament with teams of 4 players squaring off against another team of 4. I had a great time meet new players catching up with old friends. I think the tournament organizers, Tony and his team deserve a special shout out. They did an amazing job keeping the games running smoothly and they even went the extra mile providing snacks and drinks.

My first game was against Jeff and his German Grenadiers. The first mission of the tournament was Dust Up.

Big Willie's Pioneers
OC and 2IC
Full Armoured Pioneers
Half Trucked Pioneers
Armoured Mortars
4 x 7.62 Marders
2 x 8-Rads
2 x 2cm SP AA trucks
2 x Panthers

Jeff Grenadiers
OC and 2IC
Full Grenadiers
Full Grenadiers
4 x Marders
2 x 8-Rads
3 x Panzerwefers
2 x PaK 40s
3 x Brumbars

Set Up
Objectives are in the woods and by the road on the left side and on the back side of the hill and in the wheat field on the right

Brumbars and Grenadiers with their PaK 40 guard an objective

Grenadiers and their PaK 40 guard the other objective

Pioneers spread out guarding both objectives, backed up by Marders while the Panthers and 8-Rads are ready to go on the offensive

Pioneers lay in wait protecting their objectives

Turn 1
Panthers begin their hunt for the Brumbars

Pioneers dig in on the objective and the Marders prepare for the arrival of Grenadier reinforcements

A big cat spies it's prey

The Marders notice an observer and take him out

Turn 2
Panthers continue to advance on the Brumbars

Brumbars move off behind cover to avoid the big cats teeth

Grenadiers Marders arrive earlier than expected and the Pioneer Marders move to cut them off

Panthers continue to advance while the Brumbars continue to play the role of mouse

In a daring move the Marders come over the hill and open fire on the Pioneer Marders killing one and bailing 2 which forces a test! The remaining Marders flee, which was bad news for the Pioneers. However the Marders then launch an assault on the Pioneers, only to have it repelled and lose two of their number.

Turn 3
Panthers swing their attentioin to the 8-Rads moving to reinforce the Marders and knock one out!

Marders retreat behind the hill and regroup

Checking models eye view is always fun

Turn 4
Marders launch another attack, this time they take out a Pioneer stand but the long reach of the Panthers knock out both of the Marders

8-Rads prepare for a stand off  around the objetive

Turn 5
The 8-Rad duel beings

Pioneer reinforcements gather in an assault position as the mortars try and dig out the PaK 40s

Turn 6
8-Rads continue to duel while rocket fire begins to dig out the Pioneers

More Pioneer reinforcements arrive

Panthers move to destroy the Panzerwerfers

A lucky rocket strike bails out a Panther!

Turn 7
The commander gets revenge knocking out a werfer

The Brumbar risks breaking cover to hit the Panther, only to miss and have the remounted Panther destroy the Brumbar!

Turn 8
The Panthers turn their attention back on the panzerwerfers knocking out another one

The 8-Rads win the duel and prepare to move off to support the main offensive

A Brumbar bogs down attempting to get a rear shot at the Panthers

The Panthers seize the opportunity and knock out another Brumbar!

Still no luck in digging out the PaK 40s

Turn 9
Panthers head to their original assault position while the remaining Brumbar hides in the woods

With all the reinforcement platoons destroyed the Pioneers mount up and prepare to go on the offensive

Turn 10
8-Rads and Panthers get into position to start digging out Grenadiers

Turn 10
Pioneers move into an assault position waiting for the signal to launch

Pioneer reinforcements begin to creep forward

Turn 11
Panthers continue to hunt for the remaining Brumbar while the Pioneers continue to advance

Turn 12
Casualties continue to mount as more and more fire is brought to bear on the dug in Grenadiers

Turn 13
The Pioneers attempt to launch an assault but are repelled by the Grenadiers

At this point time expired with it being a draw 3-2. It was a great way to start the day and tournament with Jeff being a great guy and very fun opponent. In the end, I could have likely pushed for the objective a turn or two earlier.

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