Sunday, June 12, 2016

North American Team Championship Tournament 2016

First Ever North American Team Championships!

This weekend Stormtrooper Nick, Technoviking, The terrain guy and I all headed down to Springfield OH to play in the first ever North American Team Championship (NATC). There were 12 teams consisting of 4 players on each team and we played 6 rounds. The organizers did an amazing job and the terrain and armies were incredible. I will have 6 new battle reports coming shortly. Here are some shots of the tables and the armies.

Snow Day! 

 Eastern Front river crossings

Eastern Front village 

Eastern Front city 

another Eastern Front city 

Western Europe (I know but go with it) 

Sicilian country side 

More Western Europe 

More Western Front 

Eastern Front city side 

Eastern Front destroyed city 

Eastern Front city 

Derailed train outside of town 

Destroyed city in Eastern Front 

Edge of a city Eastern Front 

Woods in Southern Italy 

French country side manor 

Italian country side 

North Africa 

 North Africa 

Western Front 

Stormtrooper Nick's Finn Infantry

Big Willie's German Pioneers 

\The Terrain Guys Russian tanks

Technoviking's US Armour

US tanks 


German Grenadiers 

More US tanks 

Jesse's Italian 


 German Grenadiers

German Recce Squadron

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