Monday, June 27, 2016

German Armoured Pioneers vs US Armoured Rifles in Fighting Withdrawal

Marders spring an ambush on the advancing Americans!

My third game was against Francois and his US Armoured Rifles. Francois was part of the Western Canada team at the NATC 2016, so it was a battle for the North and we were hoping to be the Jon Snows. The mission was Fighting Withdrawal and I rolled to be the defender. I was hoping that I could keep my undefeated streak to finish off the day.

Big Willie's Pioneers
OC and 2IC
Full Armoured Pioneers
Half Trucked Pioneers
Armoured Mortars
4 x 7.62 Marders
2 x 8-Rads
2 x 2cm SP AA trucks
2 x Panthers

Fracois Armoured Rifles
OC and 2IC with 37mm gun
Full ARP with 37mm
Full ARP with 37mm
3 x AMs
3 x Priests
Armoured Recce
4 x Lees
2 x M10s

Set Up
Objectives are far left by the forward water feature, middle left on furthest back road and bottom right

Dough Boys ready to roll out

Lees and AM ready to cover the infantries advance

US Armored Recce ready to advance

Pioneers dug in around the right objective

Pioneers and Panthers around the central objective

8-Rad and Panther covering the town square

Turn 1
From a birds eye view the Yanks serge forward into the old factory

A Panther catches a Lee in the open and makes it pay

Turn 2
The Marders spring from ambush to knock out only one half track

and an armored car

The Lees make an early push to flank the Panthers and are all destroyed in the process

Recon and ARP begin advancing on the now objective with the fewest defenders

Turn 3
 US infantry quickly moves into the rubble, but the Marders make them pay at every opportunity

Turn 4
The M10s take out the 8-Rads and continue to push forward supported by Recon and an ARP. The Panthers move to support he Armoured mortars in the hopes of extending the game

Turn 5
The first Pioneer platoon withdrawals leaving the Marders to hold the line

The Panthers knock out an M10 and the mortars sacrifice themselves to allow the game to continue

Turn 6
The .50 Cals take out the mortars and the ARP is everywhere, things are looking grim for the Panthers

The Marders are firing as fast as they can over open sights and the infantry are at their door step

In the centre the Pioneers are pinned down by .50 Cal fire from the mortars half tracks

In a last ditch effort the Panthers launch an assault against the Dough boys in the hopes of keeping the defence alive. Despite making all their saves and bog checks (which is really impressive as they were hit by 'zookas in defensive fire), they are finally driven off by a failed moral check. 

Francois was a great opponent who took total advantage of my misstep in deployment. I gave him to much freedom of movement and should have deployed my forces closer to the middle of the table. By staying to the rear he was given greater freedom of movement and was able to dictate the battle. It was an awesome game and Francois was a true gentleman even letting us replay the end of the game when I misinterpreted when the objectives were removed. In the end it was a solid win for the Americans at a 5-2. I ended the first day of the NATC 2016 with a very respectable 1-1-1 record.


  1. Fantastic set up - looks great!

  2. @MWTM thanks! The NATC was really a top notch event from the tables to the schedule and the provided snacks and drinks. It was what you would hope for in a great tournament.

  3. Defensive fire of 2 AT 12 shots and 2 AT 10 shots to the flank of the panthers and sadly no dead panthers... he attacked, didnt hit if I'm corre t, rolled to counter, pass, out of 2 bazooka, 2 rifle team and one lmg team, only the lmg scored a hit, which pushed back the panthers giving me the victory.

    And that lone survivor recce team of the recce platoon who made the initial push toward the objective stayed on table to celebrate with the rest of the gang !

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