Wednesday, August 17, 2011

FNF 5 Aug Round 2 NZ vs Panzer Grenadiers in Free-for-All

The combined arms of Kiwi Arty and Infantry drive back the Germans!

The second game that I had the chance to play was Free-for-All against Ca$h's Germans Grenadiers.  I was using the same 1500 point New Zealand Rifle Company list as last game.  Again it was in preparation for the upcoming Skirmish.  

Ca$h's Germans
2 x Rifle Platoons
2 x PaK 38s
2 x 8-Rads
3 x Marder IIIs
3 x Brumbars
1 x KV-1e
3 x Nebs

Big Willie's New Zelanders
3 x Rifle Platoons with Piats
3 x Shermans
3 x Universal Carriers
8 gun 25 pdr battery

The top of the picture is North and the objectives are South East on the T-intersection, and on the hill at the top of the picture.  The Western objectives are in the field by the house and on the train track, just off camera.

Brumbars supported by Infantry advance.

A looted KV-1e and Marders hold the centre of the German line

Infantry hold the objective while the 8-Rads prepare to move out.

PaK 38's cover the Infantry on the Northern flank

Kiwi Infantry and Universal Carriers occupy the wheat fields ready to move out.

The guns and an infantry platoon spread out to cover the objectives.

The German infantry move into the wheat fields while the Brumbars stay spread out to avoid the Kiwi Arty

The KV-1e advances into the centre of the board where it would dominate the ground.

Kiwi infantry dug in to protect the guns.

Kiwi guns find their mark and kill a Neb.

2 full infantry platoons and the UCs advance under the watchful eye of the "old man"

Even veteran Kiwi tankers get stuck sometimes.


1 x Neb

The Germans continue to advance under the cover of the wheat fields and prepare for an assault.

The Kiwi infantry dig in supported by Shermans (who have no hope of hurting the KV at range).

4" away from you own stand vs 4" from an assaulting stand.


1 x Neb


The 25 pdrs knock out a Brumbar while the Kiwi Infantry holds the line repelling both assaults!

The UCs  continue to sneak around the battle field causing havoc by knocking out the remained of the Rifle platoon.

The thin red line holds.
2 x Infantry stands

1 x Neb
1 x Infantry platoon
2 x Brumbars


The counter battery fire on the Nebs knocks out the other 2 launchers.

The Shermans pop a PaK 38 and platoon commander thanks to indirect fire!

We called the game here with time running out.  I had managed to knock several platoons to below half strength but he was able to pass motivation checks like there was no tomorrow.  It also cemented that I'm going to use my British Empire as New Zealanders!

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