Friday, August 19, 2011

FoW at Skirmish 2011, the terrain nights pay off!!

Here is a collection of pictures from the set up of the FoW Skirmish 2011, the battlefields and some of the armies.  Special thanks to Pripyat who wasn't able to attend up still loaned us a ton of scenery and Ca$h for organizing the whole thing.  Good luck on your exam next week!

Ca$h is great at organizing but unlucky when it comes to pictures.  The was taken around 0700 in the morning when we were all setting up tables.

Way more awesome pictures to come!

Lothlann and Clockwerks hard at work.

Table 1 a sleep French town.

Table 2 the outskirts of a larger city.

A larger city and what's that.... the Riechstad (sp?)


It evens has all 3 internal floors painted (thanks to Matt Varnish!)

Table 4 the wheat fields of the Eastern front.

Table 5 the wet lands of Holland

Table 6 the South of France/North Italy

Table 7, no idea where this is...

Table 8 is definitely Italy or Tunsinia

Joyous Oblivions American Tanks

Matt Varnishes HD (they won best painted)

Trench markers

Arty staff team with maps and don't hit me bulls eye

A flight of Brit Hurricanes supporting the HD

One of the Hurricanes that wasn't so lucky

Clockwerks 8th Army

Bob's German Pioneers

Shawn (Aka The Terrain Guy) German Pioneers

The detail on the board was amazing, look at the checkers game!

Stay tuned for 4 AARs to be coming shortly.

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  1. Awesome! Always great seeing this many tables and armys.
    Cheers and thanks.