Sunday, August 14, 2011

FNF vs The Terrain Guy in Free-for-all

German Planes swoop down on the Kiwis!

I had the chance to play against Shawn Morris (aka The Terrain Guy of RHQ fame) this FNF as he was in town for the 2011 FoW Skirmish.  I was playing my New Zealanders and he was playing Pioneers.  We had Ca$h, Matt Varnish and Lothlann hanging out and drinking some refreshments.

New Zealanders
3 x full rifle platoons with piats
3 x UCs
3 x Shermans III
8 gun 25 pdr battery

Shawns Pioneers
2 x full platoons with 3 flame throwers each
4 x Panzer III N's
4 x Marder I's
3 x Nebs

North is the top of the picture.  The Western objectives are by the end of the road in the North and just south of the southern most building you can see.  The eastern objectives are by the bend in the road at the far south and end of the road far east middle of the board.

Pioneers and Marders waiting in the central wood for the order to advance.

Pioneers spread out in the North West ready to dig in.

Panzer's ready to hold the northern flank.

While Nebs hold the southern one.

Kiwi Infantry guard and objective supported by Shermans

The other half of the platoon ready to dig in.

The guns firmly hold the southern objective.  While the UCs are ready to move out against the Nebs.

Following the Recce move the UCs move into firing positions on the Nebs.

The Luftwaffe prepare to drop bombs.  Meanwhile the infantry advance.

Shermans and Infantry advance towards the Germans.  Firing as they go...

The Shermans pop a Panzer from long range.

The aerial attack kills the troop commander and pins the troop.

1 x troop commander

1 x Panzer III N
The Luftwaffe response again this time hammering the Shermans and Infantry but the Kiwi's prove to be hard targets in the field and suffer no casualties

The Panzers flank around the wood and assault the observer.  They fail to kill him and he withdraws.

The UCs bring their machine guns to bear killing a Neb while the 25 pdrs bail 2 Marders...

That the Infantry advance on.

The Infantry fail to unpin but the Shermans turn around to engage the Panzers.
1 x troop commander

1 x Panzer III N
1 x Neb
A flame thrower advances from the safety of the farm house, but fails it hit with his lethal liquids.

Planes again arrive and this time kill a stand of infantry and bail a Sherman

Marders hit the UCs bailing one while the others move to a more "tactical" position.

Arty destroys the Marder and the Kiwi assault falters with the Marder and Pioneers getting exactly 5 hits, which knock out 3 stands.

1 x troop commander
4 x Infantry stands

1 x Panzer III N
1 x Neb

The Marders MGs make short work of the exposed Infantry. They break and leave the field.

Another stand of Infantry are killed while the Sherman crew refuse to mount their tank.

I forgot to take any more pictures but the Shermans knocked out the Panzers and I don't manage to kill the final Neb so we end up with a draw with us both killing a platoon.  It was an awesome game and I had a great time.  Shawn knows the rules very well and was patient with me as I ask questions about certain situations and what could I do or not.  I've got coverage from Skirmish 2011, 3 AARs from the tournament and one more from the last FNF, hopefully I can get them up shortly.

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