Monday, August 1, 2011

Aussie Div Cav End of the Beginning

Its taken quite a while, but I finally finished the start of my Australian Divisional Cavalry Squadron...

This force is around 905 points of the final 1500 force.

It consists of 2 platoons of crusader II tanks, and 1 platoon of 2 universal carrier combat patrols (with 0.5" MG added).

The models themselves turned out quite nicely I think, and at least will give me a functional force that can face Milton's Afrika Korps when they are done.

The final force will look like:

HQ: 2 Crusader II
3x Crusader II
3x Crusader II
6x Universal Carrier + 0.5" MG(all)

3x Grant Tanks (British)
1x 3 squad Aussie Infantry + Sticky Bombs
Limited Air Kittyhawks

Total: 1500 pts

The plan is to have the crusaders race ahead and get around enemy tank's flanks. They have the Tally Ho rule so can shoot at full ROF even after moving. Also, their turrets is the "front" of the tank at all times. Since I have Grants in front, I'm hoping enemy tanks will face them instead as they are more threatening (75mm gun vs a crappy 2pdr!) so the Crusaders should have flank shots. Against a Tiger they're screwed, but that's why I have the kittyhawks acting as my artillery. The infantry are there because I HAD to have somebody with the aussie hats, AND I figured they would be handy to hold any objective I eventually take. The HQ Crusaders will probably lead the charge, each one commanding a separate combat platton.

The carriers are there to take out any dug in infantry. Those 0.5" MGs have ROF3 and a better firepower so should prove threatening to infantry, although their armor is crap, so hopefully the infantry don't have too much AT. Also, since all my Crusaders don't have HE, I can't take out AT guns very well. But again, that's what the kittyhawks and Grants are for. Should be fun. Fearless vet tanks can't be bad!

Not only this, but I'm hoping these guys will be available in the new Early War Desert FOW book (perhaps not the Grants), and THEN the 2 pdrs won't be so silly...

A quick update. Some close up views:

I think I screwed up the crusaders' hatches. Oh well. A nice close up of the Australian 9th Infantry Division symbols. Technically the 75 regimental symbol should be green on blue, but I couldn't be stuffed with that much finicky decals...


  1. I played against a very similar Aus Div Cav force recently (2 days ago) and it was an absolute blast of a game that went down to the wire. You will really enjoy playing with them.