Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Historicon 2013 Greedo thoughts

BigWillie has better photos than I do, but I'll throw in a couple (see if you can spot me in his Force on Force picture)..

My first trip to Historicon was awesome.  Didn't sign up for anything, but that didn't seem to matter.  You just show up and say you want to play, and you can.  Quite overwhelming.  So many vendors, games etc.  A madhouse, but by Saturday I was good to go.

I played several games that I wanted to check out.
Battlefront WW2: I was Imperial Japanese trying to hit the dug in Australians on the Kokoda Trail 1942.  Good game, but too many tables and chits for my taste.  We did each command a Btn, and the scale felt right so I might go out and purchase these rules..

Then I played DBA 2.2+  Was hoping to play the new experimental DBA 3.0 but the demo people weren't around. 2.2 seems nice, but a bit gamey.  I think I'm finally over DBA..  That said, it was great to finally meet Chris Brantley, the guy responsible for  That's what got me into historical gaming, and ancients specifically.

Next up was a game of Force on Force.  Once again the regulars were commanded by a 10 year old and I was his subordinate. I met up with the NJCon guys that I met earlier and they were very friendly.  Basically everything went sideways after the first die roll.  My guys became superstitious and dropped  a level of quality (literally.  We drew this Fog of War card). Our humvee broke down, our covering fire was ineffective, and the Lt. started running laterally instead of back towards me where I was covering him..  Sigh. Anyway we got murdered. I still love these rules though, but I think we did a bunch of things wrong.  Have to read the rules again.

Saturday I played Impetus with the Designer and a bunch of people.  It was GREAT. I am very much in love with Impetus now.  Imperial Italians vs French Knights and Pikes.  I was King Phillip II(?) of France.  Our Swiss allies held the Italians off long enough for my knights to get stuck in.  A bit of a slow moving game since there was a giant forest for us to trudge around, but I can see it working very well for Punic War stuff (i.e mine).

Next I wandered about with Freddy and Jeff (gaming buddies from out West), chatted, bought the Japanese Expansion to Bolt Action, a Chi Ha tank, and 2 sets of order dice.  Really nice game. Watched a game being played and I think the rules are great.

Also played a cool game of Musket and Tomahawk.  I was regular Brits in command of our force.  We marched up a road and shot a bunch of Indians before they counter attacked and whipped out two my units. Great rules.  Very simple.  Will probably want to purchase figures.  I seem to be attracted to those asymmetrical type games because each player has to play VERY differently

Only disappointment was I didn't get to play Saga or Fireball Forward.  Oh well.  There's always Fall In in November!

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