Thursday, July 25, 2013

US Paras and Light Tanks vs Panzer Grenadiers and a StuG Battery

Even fearless paratroopers get unnerved sometimes (snake eyes for tank terror)

The second game of the I-95 Doubles was vs Mitch and John.  They were running a StuG battery and Panzer Pioneers.  The mission was Free-for-all at 2000 pts a side.  These guys were great to play against and I traded contact info with Mitch.  Turns out he's a Rugby player and a currently serving member of the US military, so we had tons to talk about.

Heavy Bocage to fight through

Paras, Chaffes and Cav Recon at one objective

StuGs and German infantry across the board hold the other objective

A lone big cat occupies the German middle

PhantomRescue (aka Matt) checks out the lines of sight of the right flank

The German left has Stu42s with Grenadiers and Nebs

Turn 1
Chaffes surge forward trying to punch through the thick StuG front armour

Avenger swoops down but is unable to hit any of the StuGs with his bombs.  The Chaffes to better and knock one out

Turn 2-4
The Chaffes are hit hard in the centre losing 4 tanks.  Meanwhile on the right flank the Paras and M18s take out 2 Stu42s but are themselves taken out!

Div Recon moves to reinforce the right after in crumbles in assault

Turn 5-6
The Chaffes try and get flank shots with no luck and end up losing the second platoon.  PhantomRescue makes 2 company morale roles to keep us in the game.  The Paras would assault the following turn (above is them failing to motivate twice, guess even Cap has his limits).  This would prove critical as Howard Stark would swoop in knocking out the StuG OC and other platoon and the Paras would take out this one causing the StuG battery to break and flee the table.  4-3 Victory for team Carded at Target!

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