Thursday, July 25, 2013

US Paras and Light Tanks vs Panzer Grenadiers and Infantry

Para troopers don't care you have half-tracks for a mounted assault!

This was game 3 for the I-95 doubles event.  It was encounter so PhantomRescue and I opted to have only my force on the table with his coming in from reserves.  We were playing against Chris and Dom.  Their 2000 pts was spent mostly on Panzer Grenadiers backed up with a Panzer IVs company.  These guys were excellent opponents with Chris and I having our share of bad luck.  We had the chance to hang out with them over the weekend and enjoy some frosty beverages.  I'm looking forward to seeing these guys again the next time we are down that way.

Set Up

US Paras dug in on both objectives supported by the guns, while the other platoon is ready to make a push for the near enemy objective

German tanks and half-tracks ready to surge forward

The objective is the WWPD challenge coin.  If your interested head over to Dice Devils and get a hold of my partner PhantomRescue.  Proceeds are going to the wounded warrior fund.

Turn 1-3
Half-tracks, Tanks and Paras all surge forward

The Germans launch a mounted assault only to be driven off by some well aimed bazooka shots

The Para platoon in the centre destroyed all but one of the Panzer IVs who quickly broke contact and moved a safe distance away from the fearless veterans.  The Panzer Grenadiers did no better and would also eventually break against the resilient troopers.

Turn 4-6
Despite taking some minor loses from the combine assaults the Paras on the objective and their supporting guns held firm.  Even when the second platoon of Panzer IVs rolled in on the objective they couldn't root out the troopers.  That said we did have the time to root out the German infantry on the other objectives so the game ended in a draw 3-1.

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