Saturday, July 27, 2013

US Paras vs German Grenadiers in Free-for-All

The Infantry just before the assault....

Game 6 of LW Nationals was still at 1780 pts.  I was running my US Paras with 2 full platoons, machine guns, Shermans, 2 x M18s, Cav Recon and 3 x Glider 105mms.  My opponent was Jerry and he is the best sportsman that I have ever played against in any game system.  He was smiling and up beat, helpful all the time and really made my weekend.  Apparently he owns a game store in Indianapolis, which I will be visiting and supporting any chance I get.

Set Up 

 Objectives are on the hill and south of the town and north of the town and in the field at the top of the board

 German infantry around one objective

Rockets, Infantry, PaK 40s and 8-Rads all ready to advance

 StuGs and StrumTigers supported by PaK 40s and infantry on the other objective

 US Paras ready to advance through the woods

 Paratroopers on the objective and Shermans, Tank destroyers and Recon ready to roll out

Turn 1
 Recon platoon had one hell of a horse shoe making every single save!

Turn 2
 German infantry and armour advance

 Avenger knocks out a PaK 40

Turn 3
 Despite being fearless the German MG fire pins and keeps the troopers pinned for 3 turns!

 Shermans move to take out the StuGs mindful of the StrumTigers

Turn 4
 Paratroopers advance through the wood ready to launch an assault

 No one can see us here, but do you hear a whistling sound?

 The rocket observer on the hill just under the guys chin sure can see them and he brings the steel rain knocking the jeep out

Turn 5
 The assault goes off but the Germans break off and prepare to get support from the StuGs

 Cav Recon is destroyed and the Tank destroyers security section has a Recce car sitting almost on top of it

Turn 6
 Black Widow and Hawkeye the M18s are just able to spring from hiding and manage to take out a StrumTiger with flank shots!

 The StuGs assault and this time it is the Paratroopers who break off

 The 8-Rad only bails one of the M18s

Turn 7
 Black widow holds true to her name and knocks out the other StrumTiger with a flank shot

The Paratroopers assault and knock out both the StuGs and the Grenadiers!

 The Paratroopers in the centre finally advance and conduct some dirty room clearing operations in the town

 Cap catches a bogged 8-Rad..

and quickly teaches the crew a valuable lesson

Avenger also flies in and knocks out the other PaK 40s in the platoon forcing a moral check and that platoon flees.  Jerry said that if it came down to moral he would roll and with time basically expired this last turn he had lost 5 platoons with only 4 on the table.  He rolled moral and the company broke giving me a very surprised 4-3 win (Jerry should have won by all accounts).  He had me on the ropes from turn 1 with the destruction of my 105mm battery.  I hope I get the chance to play against him again.

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