Wednesday, July 24, 2013

US Paras and Light Tanks vs German Infantry

My US Paras get their first kill ever and it's a Big Cat!

The Thursday of Historicon was the I-95 doubles event.  It was LW 1000 pts a player that you could swing 100 pts if you wanted.  I was playing US Paras with 2 x M18s and 3 x M3 Howitzers supported by limited P-47s.  My partner was running a light tank company with Chaffes and Cav Recon.  

The first game of the I-95s doubles tournament was against Jesse and his partner (sorry I forgot the name).  The mission was blind domination.  This was the first time I'd played this mission and while I liked it, I would have liked to have played it a couple times in advance of the tournament.  They were running Grenadiers from Devil's Charge complete with 2 x StrumTigers, a JagdTiger and fake MPs!  I don't have full army lists but here is a picture of what they were running.

Ze Germans!

Set Up
The battlefield complete with parachutes!

Yes that is fake MPs all along our board edge

Turn 1 and 2
The Fake MPs kept us off the table, of course afterwards we found out that their special rules have them deploying in our deployment area and since we didn't have a deployment area they couldn't have been deployed.  Oh well we will know better for next time.

Turn 3
Finally some chaffes and Recon have come in

All but this team have fled, but this team is stopping the entire main body from arriving (later we realized that in this mission there aren't reserves so everyone should have just come on.)

Turn 4
Avenger swoops in on a bombing run

US Para Troopers arrive supported by the guns!

The Germans continue advancing into the rubble

The Chaffes and the recon try to define the edge of the enemy platoon

Turn 5
Chaffes and Paras advance in the centre ready to root out the Germans

Avenger arrives again but is unable to hit anything

Chaffes and recon start trying to take out German infantry

Turn 6
Paras continue their advance into the rubble

They are rewarded with their first ever assault kill a StrumTiger!

Cap maintains a watchful eye on his Paras

US Paras are willing but we've lost to many light tanks!

The combine shooting from the other StrumTiger and the JagdTiger knocked out enough Chaffes to force company morale.  We lost this game 1-6 but learn a lot about our armies and each others playing styles so that we would be better off in the next game.

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